my feminism

my feminism started with women who risked everything for the right to vote.

my feminism encourages women to be who they want to be. be it single & independent, someone who makes 300 sandwiches for someone they love or somewhere in between.

my feminism includes sex workers of all genders, trans people of all genders, be they binary or not.

my feminism acknowledges that while some groups have greater privilege than others, we all have our challenges.

my feminism sees that men can be oppressed, too, and tries to help address those misperceptions of what it is to be male.

my feminism opposes violence in all it’s forms.

my feminism does not dismiss the pain of rape victims by equating someone’s gender identity with sexual assault.

my feminism does not exclude on race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

my feminism doesn’t tolerate treating others badly because you disagree with them.

my feminism encourages dialogue to find where disputing parties’ ideas meet.

my feminism comes via my mother who taught me to be myself and to be proud of who i am and what i’m good at, even if others see it as not feminist enough. i love to knit and crochet. i love to cook. and that’s okay.

my feminism doesn’t judge anyone on the clothes they wear, not women in combat boots, not men in dresses or vice versa. not ever.

my feminism doesn’t encourage or condemn 6″ high heels. i can’t walk in them, that’s the only reason i don’t own any.

my feminism won’t judge you if you wear make up, or not. won’t judge you if you shave or not.

my feminism isn’t involved in how you wear your hair, if you have piercings or piercings.

my feminism does not judge a person’s religious choices, but will fight those who force their own onto others.

my feminism seems to be being drowned out by people who want to use hate to make people agree with them.

my feminism is not the loud, small, bubbling brook. it’s the large, quiet river that will outlast.

my feminism is something i’m proud of even when the behaviour of others who use the word is something i’m ashamed to be associated with.

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  1. Kelly E. Says:

    I just saw this. What a wonderful response! Thanks for thinking to my post, joining the “What Is (My) Feminism” conversation, and using Tyler Feder/roaringsoftly’s image of intersectionality to do so. Yay Intersectional Millennial Feminists!

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